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Manicure is something very common these days and it is related to every beauty treatment. Whenever women hear about manicure the first thing that comes up in their mind is picture perfect nails, soft hands as well as many other nice things that are associated with hand. Manicure is ideal for every individual these days. It not only makes you look attractive but also enhances your hand or nails. We are popular and reputed Manicure service provider in Kensington bringing a whole new range of facilities that can help you get proper treatment within quick span of time.

Apart from beautifying your nails as well as hands manicure also helps in removing all spoiled or dead tissues and nails thereby helping you look fresh and attractive. We all at Timi Beauty are well trained and have enough experience at the back to deliver best manicure treatments. It is an unique and ideal way to treat, beautify and relax your nails as well as hands.

If you are looking for the right and most affordable manicure treatments in town make sure you visit Kensington, we are undoubtedly the best and most reputed one in the business.

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I have been using Timi Beauty for over 4 years and am always delighted with the quality of their work, impressed by their professionalism and friendliness and keen to listen to any advice they offer. My indulgences are my nails and lashes – which alwasys look wonderful!



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