Natural nail service in London?

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Nail Conditioner & Natural Luster


Natural nail service in London?

If it comes to our nails, it’s always better to go natural, but there isn’t too much natural nail service in London. Here in Timi Beauty we started to use a new japanese product for our manicures and pedicures.


P. Shine  is a treatment you will not easily find anywhere else, as it originates in Japan. After the gentle cuticle treatment, we carefully work a special product – first a cream and then a powder – into your nails, which gives them a long-lasting shiny surface that keeps its attractive appearance for around three weeks. This totally natural product strengthens your nails, and is ideal for those who prefer to avoid chemical-based treatments.

The cream is absolute natural product and it was made with vitamins and minerals, and with beeswax. The powder helps to keep the shiny surface for 3 weeks and also to keep the cream into the nails.